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Our website will let you participate in some of the most exciting bouts of fantasy sports every day. Poly Sports covers Mining, Football, Cricket, and the latest addition Kabaddi. Our website will allow you to enjoy playing these games by creating fantasy teams and winning big sums as prize money. We keep coming up with multiple contents, each with diverse prize pools.

All you will need to do is, create your virtual team of real players and participate in upcoming or ongoing leagues before the deadline.

That’s it. Next, you will only need to wait for your players to perform and score fantasy points on your behalf. Check out the games you can play on our 247 online casino


Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Cricket by Poly Sports covers both domestic and international tournaments. You will get to choose your favorite mode of gameplay from various available options.


Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football by Poly Sports covers almost every top soccer league you can think of. We cover La Liga, Champions League, Premier League, French League, German Bundesliga, and more.


Fantasy Kabaddi

Poly Sports started to cover Kabaddi in July 2021. When playing on our site, you’ll win prizes even if you are not a big follower of the game.



Join the Mining Polysports game and start earning profits every day. Increase your network and be a part of the treasure-hunting team.

Things You Must Know About Poly Sports

99K.Com covers all prominent Poly Sports games. So, there is no chance that you will miss the excitement of ongoing sporting tournaments. We are a 247 online casino. That is why we ensure players can participate in fantasy sports irrespective of the time zone of the leagues they follow.

  • Poly Sports is the most talked about NFT metaverse and fantasy sports platform. So, as the best online casino company in Philippines, we had to incorporate Poly Sports into our website.
  • The platform is the bridge between hundreds of thousands of sports aficionados and blockchain. Poly Sports allows users to build virtual sports teams, trade player stocks, and compete with other participants.
  • Poly Sports is predominantly a Daily Fantasy Sports or DFS platform. You can earn good money by participating in contests featuring your favorite games. However, that’s not all. There’s more in store for you.
  • With Poly Sports, you can earn by taking part in various exciting activities like staking tokens. It is an interactive platform and comes with a series of unique features. Examples include metaverse offerings, nonfungible tokens or NFTs, decentralized finance or DeFi, and crypto wallet. These features make the experience offered by the platform even more engaging.

Thus, all these advantages provide users with great monetization opportunities. Thanks to these features, you may end up earning sizeable amounts even if your players fail to score enough fantasy points. Additionally, Poly Sports token holders get benefits like exclusive opportunities to participate in special events, discounts, loss protection, VIP memberships, NFT airdrops, and more.

The transparency of the platform is worth a mention. No other similar platform is as transparent with its actions as this one. This is possible primarily due to blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence.

How to Play Fantasy Sports on Online Casino 247?

You will need to complete a few simple steps for registration.

  • Visit our website and place the cursor on the Sports button
  • From the drop-down menu select Poly Sports
  • Click on the Play Now button on the page you are directed to
  • Next, click on Register
  • Enter the necessary information to create your username and password

You are done. Now, build your fantasy team and start playing.

What Makes Us the Best Online Casino Company in Philippines?

We are the best as we can cater to the exact needs of our users. All our fresh additions are the results of market surveys.


Easy Deposits & Withdrawals

We ensure that users don’t need to spend extra minutes when depositing on withdrawing money on our 247 online casino.


Great Game Selection

We have the best games in store for our users. You will get to play all casino games of your choice on our online casino.


Our User-friendly Interface

You can win casino games on our website even if you are not tech-savvy. Our user-friendly interface enables seamless navigation and playing.


We Have Attractive Rewards

We have multiple rewards which users can access even if they are not the winners.

Discover Poly Sports on Our Online Casino 247

Our online casino invites all our users to check Poly Sports’ user-friendly interface. The DFS setup of the platform will allow you to spend just a few minutes for registration. Once that’s done, you are free to use your skills and knowledge to begin playing. You will not need to remain active as a player for the entire season to be eligible for the prizes. You are free to pick any upcoming or ongoing tournaments, build your team, and begin playing by making a token deposit.

Poly Sports is one of the most loved segments of our online casino 247 because of the rewards and bonuses it offers.

  • Individuals making their first deposits will get an exciting bonus
  • The welcome bonus every participant is greeted with a generous amount of Game Coins
  • The platform offers a referral bonus for each referral

Every contest on the platform will allow you to make a certain percentage of the deposits using your bonus. All these are additional opportunities of winning prizes besides the actual winner’s prize.

Poly Sports make playing fantasy sports easier than ever before. For example, when participating in Fantasy Cricket, you can start playing in the middle of an ongoing ODI or T20 match. For that, you will need to pick your team for the second inning. The other option is Live Fantasy. It will require you to create a team for ten or five overs.

Playing will be easy even if you lack enough knowledge about some players. Our website will give you access to past performance data of all players backed by detailed analysis. So, you will not have a tough time picking your virtual team.